The Living Together Institute

We are dedicated to advocating for justice, monitoring human rights abuses, and fostering harmonious living. Stand with us to support activists on the front lines, contribute to impactful campaigns, and spread awareness about critical issues. Every action, big or small, makes a difference. Together, let’s create a world where human rights are not just an ideal, but a reality for everyone.

Our Focus Areas

Civic Health Index

The Civic Health Index is a tracker for the state of our civic rights. It helps us better understand the different civic health indicators that are  measurable.

Human Rights

Human Rights are at the core of our work, and we think of them as a verb. We believe citizens can create tools that enable them to promote human rights.

Leadership Academy

Everyone can be a leader and that non-hierachichal, radical, inclusive, and collaborative leadership best supports an ecology of democracy.

Technology and Rights

We believe technology is a useful tool in the realization, protection, and promotion of rights. We aim to utilize technology and digital tools that enhance democracy.

Latest News and Media


Today, on International Women's Day, Living Together Institute stands proud in solidarity with women worldwide. Under the theme 'Invest in Women, Accelerate Progress,' we reaffirm our commitment to fostering gender equality and empowering women in all spheres of life....


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